While some aspects of driving are influenced by your age, experience and skill-set, there are others that remain at the mercy of fate. Even the most experienced of drivers can fall victim to the recklessness of others out on the road, for example, while adverse weather conditions can also create emergencies for motorist’s young and old alike. This means that every single driver must always be prepared for the worst case scenario, while also ensuring that they are equipped to cope while waiting for a tow-truck in a desolate area.

3 Things you should always Store in your Vehicle

So if you do become stranded in the middle of the night, what are the three items you would want to have stored in your car? Consider the following: –

1.    A Long-life Torch

As anyone whose car has failed them in the hours of the morning will testify, this can be one of the most intimidating motoring experiences imaginable. It helps if you have a bright and sustainable light; however, as this can provide significant comfort for the time that you are stranded on the road. Given that you may be stranded overnight if you have been unfortunate enough to breakdown in a remote location, you should invest in a long-life torch and ensure that this kept in your vehicle at all times.

2.    A Source of Water and Food

On a similar note, being stranded overnight may also leave you feeling hungry and thirsty. It is crucial that you keep your body fuelled and hydrated during this time, as this will enable you to remain calm and mentally focused while you wait for your rescue truck. With this mind, make sure that have at least 2 litres of water in your boot and a selection of preferred snack bars, although there should be a focus on long-lasting and nutritious food items that deliver slow releasing energy. On a final note, you should also pack food that can remain fresh for a predetermined period of time.

3.    Spare Clothes and Layered Garments

Depending on your precise location, you may find yourself subject to sudden changes in temperature if your car is stranded overnight. This can be extremely dangerous, as the cold weather can quickly take its toll on even the most resilient and physically fit human forms. To prepare for this, be sure to pack some spare items of clothing in the boot of your car, including layered garments such as sweatshirts, jumpers and body warmers. It may also be worth placing a fleece blanket in the vehicle, as this can be used to keep several bodies warm simultaneously.