Despite being well-known for producing vehicles of sheer-opulence and great performance, Audi have undoubtedly impressed all drivers with the introduction of the R8 model. Having never attempted to create a racing car before, Audi have surely created a vehicle that ticks all of the boxes when it comes to the perfect car.

The underbody of the Audi R8 is much lighter than it was before, and the exterior design is much more meticulous than its rivals, thus making it more aerodynamic at speed. In terms of the exterior structure, the R8 was designed to appear somewhat sleek, and attractive to any driver compared to other Audi models.

Audi R8

As you can imagine, when Audi introduced the R8 model to the automobile industry, it left their fans feeling overwhelmed to say the least. I think I speak for most people when I say that we all knew Audi would eventually introduce a racing car to their fans and increase the range of cars that offer an impressively powerful performance. It’s just a matter of time before they release more and more racing cars, allowing drivers more of a selection to choose from.

In terms of the interior features and devices, the Audi R8 is fitted with a contrast-rich TFT screen that allows the rest of the interior to remain uncluttered with a simple lay out as well. Despite the fact that the virtual cockpit of the R8 takes a little bit of practice and time to get used to, it’s clearly one of Audi’s better ideas and allows the driver to focus more on the road ahead, instead of being distracted by the fascinating gadgets on the dashboard.

Audi R8 Engine

Of course, the Audi R8 is a racing car, so it’s likely to be equipped with really cool and somewhat impressive features, like heated leather seats to enhance the level of comfort, and climate control as well. Obviously, there are more features to the Audi R8, some more obvious than others, nonetheless, they add a great deal of value to the car as well as making it more attractive to sports-orientated Audi fans, such as Steve of Masons Motors who said ‘The A8 is the best car Audi have released in years, good for many purposes and it looks like a dream, a dream to own for any motorhead’

Although some might argue that the Audi R8 is excessively priced, it’s definitely excellent value for money. The R8 is fitted with some of the latest sport-related automotive technology and offers a comfortable drive for both the passenger and the driver, even at full speed! But, it appears that the Audi R8 isn’t only fitted with the latest technological devices, but it is equipped with advanced safety features as well – just in case! So, overall, I think it’s fair to say that the R8 is certainly Audi’s most successful racing car.