After 12 months of preparation, the inaugural season of Audi Sport TT Cup finally got underway last weekend. Running from the 2 May to the 18 October, the season started at Hockenheim, Baden-Württemberg and will be followed by another five double-header meetings across Norising, Nuremberg, the Red Bull Ring, Spielberg, Oschersleben, Saxony-Anhalt, and Nürburgring, Rhineland-Palatinate before ending in a second event at Hockenheim.


The season follows a unique qualifying format where pole position in the first round is decided by the fastest lap time and pole position in the second round is decided by the second best time of each driver in the qualifying session.

There are 18 permanent season entries consisting of young drivers—the average age is only 20 from 13 different countries. These drivers were narrowed down from 165 applicants: Gosia Rdest (Poland), Christoph Hofbauer (Germany), Shaun Thong (Hong Kong), Kaan Önder (Turkey), Levin Amweg (Switzerland), Josh Caygill (Great Britain), Nicolaj Møller, Madsen (Denmark), Dominik Peitz (Germany), Dennis Marschall (Germany), Emil Lindholm (Finland), Marc Coleselli (Austria), Jan Kisiel (Poland), Joonas Lappalainen (Finland), Sebastian Landy (United States), Loris Hezemans (Belgium), Alexis van de Poele (Belgium), Mikaela Åhlin-Kottulinsky (Sweden), and Anton Marklund (Sweden).

Each of the entrants will race in an identical Audi Sport TT. The vehicle uses a four-cylinder TFSI engine and the six-speed transmission that has been adopted from the production model, while the existing light frame will be sure to provide an ideal base for some exciting future races.

Despite Nicolaj Møller Madsen dominating the qualifying event, it was Marc Coleselli who won the first round on 2 May. The 21-year-old from Salzburg won the 13-lap round in front of second-place Nicolaj Møller Madsen and third-place Dennis Marschall. The following day saw a second round win from Dennis Marschall, who was victorious ahead of an again second-placed Nicolaj Møller Madsen. The third spot on the podium went to Alexis van de Poele.

The 18 permanent entrants will also be joined by 6 guest drivers who include Tanner Foust (United States), Toomas Heikkinen (Finland), Sven Hannawald (Germany), Dierk Möller-Sonntag (Germany), Horst von Saurma (Germany), and Christian Genhardt (Germany). All of the events support the Deutsche Tourenwagen Masters.

The next event is scheduled at Norising over 27-28 June. Check back here if you’d like to catch up with the latest news or, if you’d like to watch the events live, you’ll be able to see the race broadcast by live streaming on