Author: Aleena Mashhood

Top 5 Cars that women will love!

The modern year of 2014, the average woman has become independent enough to select her own choice of vehicle, and to drive it with ease and sophistication. Here is a list of the top 5 cars of 2014, that women may consider driving, keeping in mind the stability, parking and other such factors. Maruti Suzuki Celerio The Maruti Suzuki Celerio is a car that would fit easily in most people’s budget. Apart from affordability, it also offers an automatic mode for convenience, which helps in driving through congested and trafficked roads. It also has light-steering and is definitely well-stocked...

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2014 – Trendiest Wagons and Hatchbacks with a heavy price-tag!

Hatchbacks and Wagons are classic vehicles which have developed over time, and yet they have never managed to fail to impress the targeted audience. Hatchbacks and Wagons have little difference in between them, and the only major feature setting them apart is the particular shape of trunk that can be found in some wagons. Others argue that it’s the length of the vehicle, and the number of doors that dictate which of one these two categories the vehicle falls into. They are considered as an extended version of a sedan, as perceived by many people.  But even today, this...

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Jaguar F-Type Project 7 – Review

So, Jaguar has finally announced about its F-type Project 7.  By using this year’s Goodwood festival’s most productive, and efficient use, this “conceptual design” has made a huge leap, in terms of progress and development. It has gone, from a basic idea, to an actual possibility and near. This two-seater has an improved design, and the performance worked on, is commendable.  It makes use of a rear-wheel, Project 7. Why is it better? Well; simply because in terms of styling, it’s actually pretty neat. The main scale transition is much better, and the rough edges from previous designs have...

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