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10 Millionth Unit Celebrations for Toyota, West Virginia

This is an important day for the West Virginia Plant of Toyota as the 10 millionth unit gets under production. 1,300 team employees and local lawmakers took part in a ceremony to celebrate the landmark. Moreover, this is also the first plant outside Japan that has made 10 million units. The great workforce and strong team work are the main reasons behind this major milestone and the celebrations. A large number of guests from the local civic and business community took part in the ceremony and the celebrations. This is really a historical day for Toyota and the president...

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Top 10 Sport Coupes – Ever Best Sport Coupes in the World

Sport coupes are not only thought as the beauty of roads and fun riding but at the same time with such beautiful sport coupes you can increase the charm of your computer desktops. Like fashion and the seasons, the styles and luxury of sports cars are also changing continuously and every year there is another good model makes its debut to replace the previous top notch model. Following are 10 ever best coupes of the world that are still loved by sports car lovers. 1. Mazda RX 7 Mazda RX 7 made its debut in 1986 and was remained...

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