If you are looking for cheap wheels, then considering alloy wheels may not be the best option. When compared with normal steel wheels, alloy wheels are significantly more expensive for a multitude of reasons. While steel wheels may already be outfitted on your car, continue reading below to learn why alloy wheels are preferred for a number of reasons and learn if they may be the better option for your vehicle!

Types of Alloy Wheels

Unbeknownst to many, there are actually two types of alloy wheels: magnesium alloy (aka mag wheels), or aluminum alloy. Mag wheels are typically used for higher performance cars but can be easily cracked due to their inability to bend as much.

Aluminum is generally the more popular type of wheel and is significantly less dense than steel, has surprising flexibility, and offers a great performance and aesthetic boost to the car in general.

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Benefits of Alloy Wheels

  • Weight – Just a third of the weight of steel, alloy wheels are so much lighter and stronger than their steel alternative!
  • Look – Whether you go for a beautiful chrome finish, or even one that has been painted, alloy wheels offer a wide range of appearances to help complete and boost the overall look of a car.
  • Value – The increased price you pay for alloy wheels translates directly into an increased value of the car itself. Not only that, but the overall look of your car is drastically improved which can easily help convince an unsure buyer.
  • Heat – Alloy wheels disperse the heat around the wheel more evenly so it does not centralize it in crucial areas such as near the breaks. This not only reduces cracking, but improves the performance of the breaks as well.
  • Range – one of the benefits of choosing alloy wheels is that you have a wide range to choose from as opposed to a very limited selection in steel wheels. There are some alloy wheels that require special fittings, but those are mostly mag wheels for racing and performance cars.


Overall alloy wheels are by far the better choice for drivers seeking a drastically improved performance and a more stylish appearance than steel wheels. Their light frame yet amazing durability also makes them a far superior choice. Unfortunately, despite all of their benefits, they are significantly more expensive than steel wheels making it difficult for drivers looking for affordable options and causing them to have to seriously consider if alloy wheels would be the best option for both their car and their current needs.