BMW car group DesignworkUSA came in to market with new technology of private solar powered electricity generation for zero emission mobility. It unites high grade technology for generating electricity from solar panel. This technology keeps the model sustainable topped up with power. This solar carport could provide power to your vehicle during the journey around town. Green energy supply gives further improvement to vehicle life cycle that contribute an extra feature to BMW my models, In the US the BMW’s first electric vehicles are unveiling.

BMW i Solar Carport Concept

The solar carport is not only for the supply of green power, but in addition to energy independence, so that customers get rid of electricity prices and others electricity related issues. In conjunction i Wallbox pro BMW car from the carport can be charged specifically with solar electricity. Wallbox also shows the amount of energy that the car received and also provides detail of charging. If the energy provided by solar panel goes behind the needs of the automobile then it can be stored to put into use for domestic purpose. When sunlight falls on solar cell much off energy coming in given off as waste heat rather than electrical current, however, extra electrons-behavior is produced by extra energy that could substantially increase solar cell productivity.