Taking ahead the 110 years of innovation and design, Buick continues to challenge, encourage and welcome aspiring designers to take on the world of automotive design by breaking the convention walls. Partnering with BASF, Buick sponsored a friendship for the students of College for Creative Studies in Detroit, who are given a blank image and asked to shape their vision with what they assume Buicks will look in the year 2030.

2030 Buick Urbain concept designer

It was over a dozen of next-generation designers who took the challenge and explored their own unconventional ideas to bring life to the model of Buicks in 3D. According the honchos of Buick global design, the solutions are worthy to be checked as the most aspiring and talented future car designers have created them. The project was more like an invitation for getting future designer insights of the brand Buick with idea of the work portfolio for the future. The guidelines of the competition were aimed at future transportation needs.