American automobile manufacturer, Chevrolet has introduced a number of amazing performance-enhancing features forits upcoming passenger cars like Sonic and Impala. The latest models of Chevrolet’s passenger cars will be on display during the SEMA Show, which is all set to be held from November 5 to 8 in Las Vegas.

The SEMA Show is the world’s largest convention when it comes to aftermarket parts and automotive accessories. One of the highlights of Chevrolet’s preview of the upcoming features last week in Detroit was the personalized version of Malibu. Some extra-ordinary technologies have been used in Malibu’s latest model to enhance efficiency and personal connectivity. With the help of the stop/start engine, nearly 14 percent better fuel economy has been achieved, which means that the new Malibu model should do about 25 mpg in city.

Sonic RS concept

To improve personal connectivity, latest Siri with Eyes Free Mode and text-to-voice feature lets users send messages from their mobiles without having to type them and to put them at risk by diverting their focus.

The vice president of Chevrolet Marketing, Chris Perry is extremely confident about the success of the upcoming models, which he feels are the best-ever produced by his company. He said that new features have been designed to match the changing lifestyles of Chevrolet customers and claims that it will be hard for other automobile manufacturers to compete against Chevrolet’s 2014 passenger cars.

It needs to be mentioned that some of the latest Chevrolet accessories are already available from Chevrolet dealers, while others are still being examined by General Motors.