As last week, Honda and Toyota announced plans to unveil the production versions of fuel cell EV projects, Hyundai took a step forward then these two brands by announcing plans for hydrogen powered version of its next generation Tucson compact crossover as well as a free fuel, $499/month plus unlimited free refueling. The Chief executive officer and president of Hyundai Motor America, John Krafcik commented “Hydrogen-powered fuel cell electric vehicles represent the next generation of zero-emission vehicle technology, so we’re thrilled to be a leader in offering the mass-produced, federally certified Tucson Fuel Cell to retail customers. The superior range and fast-fill refueling speed of our Tucson Fuel Cell vehicle contrast with the lower range and slow-charge characteristics of competing battery electric vehicles. We think fuel cell technology will increase the adoption rate of zero-emission vehicles, and we’ll all share the environmental benefits.”

Tucson Fuel Cell vehicle for the US

The fuel owners will be able to enjoy the services of Hyundai Equus at same level “At Your Service” Program. For interested customers, Hyundai is offering order forms on With the introduction of new Tucson fuel cell technology, the customers will be able to eliminate the traditional issues of batteries in electric vehicles. The Tucson cell features a driving range of 300 miles (estimated), refueling takes less than 10 minutes, gets minimum cold weather affects, high reliability and durability, quiet EV operations and Zero CO2 emission as the cell emits only water vapors.

“When we spoke to customers interested in driving a hydrogen fuel cell vehicle, many wondered what the cost of hydrogen would be,” commented John Krafcik. “To ease those concerns as we build-out the hydrogen refueling network, we thought covering this cost for these early adopters in the monthly payment was the best approach, and consistent with other aspects of our Hyundai Assurance program. It’s our way of saying: ‘This is another thing you don’t have to worry about, we’ve got your back.”