There is good news for the adventurous customers as the first subcompact crossover from 2015 Renegade Jeep arrives with fresh new features and stylish appeal. The classic Jeep touch remains with removable roof panels, keeping in mind the younger demographic. It is easy to spot the new Renegade in a crowd, what with those round headlights and the vertical-slotted grille. The entirely new Renegade is based on Chrysler’s new “small-wide” 4×4 architecture and becomes the smallest sport-utility on the market. However, the compact crossover is designed to handle lots of rough abuse on the road.

2015 Renegade Jeep

Even though 2015 Renegade Jeep is not spacious, you will find the interiors quite comfortable with enough space. The tall roofline makes for an effectual rear- and passenger-seat storage. Get 184 lb.-ft of torque and 160 horsepower from the 1.4-liter turbo four-cylinder engine. The Jeep brand still continues to deliver, even when it is well in eighth decade of legendary heritage. The proud owners can be assured of complete safety and top security, and can face any adventure on the road with confidence. The brand sure has come a long way, ever since the first Jeep vehicle was born in 1941. Enjoy cool and versatile vehicles from the brand!