New Kia Soul EV

The new wave of future cars is inevitably going to be the electric model. Just a decade ago, electric cars weren’t considered practical or feasible. Things have changed considerably, and the Kia Soul EV proves that now may be the time to buy if you are considering going green. If you are in the market for a fully electric powertrain, look no further than the Kia Soul EV. It’s a car that  makes not only environmental but also economic sense: it will help the environment along with your wallet.

Kia Soul EV

Although it’s a little pricer than other electric cars that it competes with, the upgrades and extras completely justify the cost. It’s a unique type of car, and there hasn’t been anything to date in the electric car market that is like it. With a ride height that can’t be beaten, it has a more traditional and “boxy” interior and exterior that gives you just a little more room than the average electric car, which is a huge advantage.

Passenger Room:

Until now, one of the biggest limitations to electric cars has been their size and the amount of passenger and cargo room available. Wanting to use less electrical charge, electric car manufacturers have had reason to consistently keep models small. The roomy interior of the Kia Soul EV makes it a better “family” car and a realistic way to transport both people and things for day-to-day living.

Passenger Room

A Great Compromise:

Both compact and fully-electric, the Soul EV shares the same basics as its gas-engine cohort. Although it’s fitted with an electric engine that holds a 27-kilowatt hour battery, it still has the same cargo space and upgrades as the traditional Soul, like the fold-down seats for additional storage and rear seats that provide more passenger seating.

Great Compromise

Also, it maintains all the standard features like automatic headlights, alloy wheels, heated steering wheel and side mirrors, automatic climate control, Bluetooth connectivity and keyless starting and entry features.

Most of those upgrades are lost on comparable electric cars at this price point and the same battery life. The Soul also features an 8-inch infotainment system that has a touchscreen and navigation, as well as a rearview camera. Other luxuries like heated rear seats and leather throughout are possible for an additional upgrade price.

Additional Features:

The new Kia Soul EV comes with additional features, too, such as rear cross-traffic alert and blind-spot sensors. It also has an upgraded front passenger adjustable seat and more comfort and convenience features that you don’t find in older or other electric cars on the market.

Additional Features


The new Soul EV can go as many as 105 miles on one charge, even when you need to use the temperature control and all the additional electric-run features. The best range recorded was about 114 miles, but the mileage can also be determined by how much energy the driver uses due to driving conditions, climate and using the features of the car.

This is one of the best electric car ranges available, meaning you don’t have to stop and charge all the time or limit your travels as you have had to with other models. It has the latest in technology, so you can use it just like you would any gas-powered engine without having to pay for the price of gas or end up frantically searching for a charging station.

Value For an Electric Car:

Although electric cars aren’t as convenient as their gas-powered cohorts, there are many advantages to buying the new Kia Soul EV. It’s about as close as you can get to a traditional gas-driven car, and you get all the advantages of not needing to buy gas, along with more cargo and passenger space and luxury when you desire it. At a higher price point than other electric cars in the same class, it is well worth it when you consider how much you will save on gas and what you are doing for the environment.

Electric Car

The best electric car of its time, the Kia Soul EV has all the bells and whistles without all the emissions and gas costs. Consider one today to be more green and to make your wallet greener overall.