Palmer Administration Auto Protection

Anyone who has owned a vehicle knows how stressful and disruptive unexpected repairs can be. People rely on their vehicles to get to work, carry out their daily routines, and transport loved ones. When a breakdown occurs, it can be an extremely stressful experience, and Palmer Administration Auto Protection has made a business out of making that experience as painless as possible. An industry leader, Palmer Administration Auto Protection provides clients with flexible, affordable, and customizable auto protection plans to give them the peace of mind of knowing they will not have to pay out of pocket for unexpected vehicle repairs.

Palmer Administration Agents and Customer Service:

While there is no shortage of auto protection agencies around, Palmer Administration Auto Protection has made a name for itself based on customer service, reliability, and affordability. The Palmer team understands that every potential client and vehicle have different needs and budgets. The auto protection plans are designed with flexibility, affordability, and accessibility in mind. The wide range of coverage plans has something to offer everyone, regardless of vehicle type and budgetary constraints. Palmer Administration Auto Protection is fully backed by insurance and strive to build long-term relationships with each and every client. Palmer is also the only warranty company that does their own financing, and that is a service they pass down to their clients.

Service Plans:

The Palmer Administration Auto Protection plans vary greatly so there is a plan to suit every client.

Elite Exclusionary Plan:

The Elite Exclusionary plan provides coverage of your total vehicle, except for basic wear and tear and maintenance on paint, upholstery, and light bulbs.

Royal Select Plan:

The Royal Select Plan provides coverage on the highest level of listed parts. It includes coverage on a vehicle’s major components and is the ideal plan choice for newer vehicles.

Premier Plan:

The Premier plan is a full-coverage plan that is comprehensive and provides vehicle owners with ultimate peace of mind. The plan covers components most likely to be in need of repairs.

Classic Plan:

The Classic plan is all-inclusive and is a full-coverage plan that protects against major costly repair bills. It’s designed to provide peace of mind concerning the most common repairs.

Powertrain Plan:

The Powertrain plan is designed with people who plan on keeping vehicles on the road for a long time. It provides vehicle owners with the highest level of coverage on the most expensive vehicle repair costs.

Basic Plan:

The Basic coverage plan is designed to protect the most important component of any vehicle: the engine. This basic coverage is ideal for older vehicles with high mileage as it protects against costly repair bills.

Palmer Administration Auto Protection understands the auto protection industry. They have made a name for themselves based on customer service, long-term relationships, and superior extended auto protection plans. The numerous coverage plans available all have one thing in common: providing vehicle owners with peace of mind. Palmer handles each and every claim with the utmost professionalism and efficiency to minimize the disruption that unexpected vehicle repairs can cause.