Synthetic oil is one of the greatest engineering feats of the 20th century. Seriously. These artificially-made oils boast huge performance, longevity, and efficiency improvements over their petroleum-based competition.

But today, most people are still using conventional oil in their cars. There’s one big reason for this – it’s cheaper. Generally, a conventional oil change service shop will cost you under 50 bucks – synthetic can run near $80.

Synthetic Oil

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However, synthetic oils are worth the investment – and in the long run, they’re actually cheaper than traditional petroleum-based oils. Here are the top 5 reasons that you need to use synthetic oil for your next oil change.

1) Synthetic Oil Lasts Up To Three Times Longer Than Conventional Oil:

Synthetic oil offers incredible longevity compared to traditional, petroleum-based oils. Most traditional oils will give you 3,000 miles on the outside before you have to come back in for another oil change – though some modern vehicles allow for 5,000 miles on a single conventional oil change.

Synthetic oils, on the other hand, can provide anywhere from 7,500-10,000 miles – on a single oil change. Depending on your car, that can be up to three times the driving on a single oil change.

This means that even if you pay double for your synthetic oil change as compared to conventional oil change, you’ll still save money in the long run – not to mention saving another trip to the mechanic, or the time spent changing your own oil.

2) Your Engine Will Run More Smoothly:

All oils will pick up deposits as they circulate through your engine – but conventional oils are much more prone to this, and can often form what’s known as “sludge”. This sludge is a greasy buildup which interferes with normal engine oiling operation, and can reduce the efficiency of your car. Over time, if sludge is not dealt with, it can even reduce the life of your engine because of excessive wear and tear.

Synthetic oil contains fewer impurities than conventional oils. This allows synthetic oil to fight sludge formation, and prevent deposits from forming in your engine entirely, increasing efficiency and engine lifespan.

3) Your Engine Will Last Longer:

When your vehicle is running, your engine parts are in constant contact with each other, and they’re in extreme conditions. Your engine parts move at high speeds and high repetitions – and the only thing stopping them from breaking down in such an extreme environment is your motor oil. Motor oil is the lubricant that allows engines to function effectively. So guess what happens if your motor oil starts to break down?

Conventional oils break down and begin offering poor engine performance much more quickly than synthetic oils. This means they offer poor overall engine protection, and can lower the lifespan of your engine.

Synthetic oils retain their lubricating properties for a much longer period of time, allowing you to increase the lifespan of your engine, and reducing any worries you may have about engine wear.

4) Your Car Will Perform Better In Extreme Weather Conditions:

Whether it’s cold or hot outside, synthetic oils offer better performance than conventionally-based oils.

When it’s really cold outside, conventional oils take a while to heat up and begin flowing smoothly throughout your engine. And if you start pushing your engine before your oil is warmed up, you can damage your engine. Synthetic motor oils heat up more quickly, and offer better protection, even in the coldest of weather.

Synthetic is better for heat, too – high temperatures from the outside can combine with high engine temperatures to break down conventional oils. But synthetic oil is engineered to perform – even in the hottest conditions.

5) Synthetic Oil Is Better For Turbocharged Engines:

Turbochargers are becoming more common, even for standard city cars. This is because a smaller engine with a turbocharger allows for decreased weight, increased fuel economy, and higher performance – compared to a larger, conventional engine.

Turbochargers are incredibly aggressive devices, often spinning at over 200,000 RPM. It’s absolutely crucial that these high-performance engine parts have the protection they need for such heavy-duty work.

Conventional oils break down quickly in such an environment, and synthetic oils are crucial to ensure a long lifespan and the proper operation of a turbocharger.

Choose Synthetic – Save Time, And Money:

Though it may seem that a synthetic oil is more expensive than a conventional oil, think about the long term savings.

Not only do you get over twice the mileage out of synthetic oil, you can protect your engine, operate your car in a wider variety of temperature extremes, enjoy increased performance, and have confidence that your engine will last you a long, long time.

So choose synthetic. Do it for your car – do it for yourself.