It’s always a good idea to get your car valued before you sell, especially if you’re looking for a quick cash deal. It doesn’t matter whether you plan to sell privately or with the aid of a specialist dealership – knowing what the vehicle is worth will help you to determine whether you’re getting the best price for your vehicle when it’s offered. It can also give sellers the confidence to get what they deserve out of the sale when they’ve been valued by a trusted resource.

A car valuation is a process all sellers should take into account as the outcome is effectively the amount of return you should expect for your vehicle. Naturally, valuations vary in extensiveness depending upon the valuation specialist and the amount of vehicle registration details they require. The most basic valuations will be concerned with make, model, registration year and mileage, like the valuation process provided by Kelley Blue Book. These provide a good starting point for further investigations into the worth of any particular vehicle.

How long does a car valuation take?

Thanks to the prevalence of a wide range of valuation specialists and car dealerships, the valuation process is relatively quick and painless especially when using the internet as a resource. Basic valuation results can be returned almost instantly, if you elect to use an online valuation tool that requires the make, model, registration year, or simply the registration plate details and the mileage.

Most of this information is easy to have on hand when you complete a valuation claim, as you can simply look at your vehicle to get the license plate number, manufacturer and model and check the mileage on the clock. Internet resources can return a value instantly after you press the ‘submit’ button.

Valuations in person can take a little longer, but even then the whole sale process only takes up to 20 minutes with some dealerships. You’re still looking at discovering the possible sale price of your vehicle in an incredibly short amount of time.

Where can you get your car valued?

You can get your car valued online by a range of auto advice providers including AutoTrader and Kelley Blue Book. This is one of the easiest ways to get quick, basic valuations. Alternatively, you can opt for going straight to your local cars for cash dealership or visiting

Specialist dealers like Cars for Cash can complete sales in under 20 minutes once the trained vehicle purchaser has visited your vehicle. Typically, a quick test drive will be involved to provide the specialist with a better idea about the true worth of your vehicle. They know that basic details such as registration details and mileage don’t tell the whole story and that other factors can affect the sale price. Any customization and condition that is not made available during the online valuation can then be taken into account to provide the most appropriate valuation price. However you plan to sell your vehicle, a valuation is a useful tool that provides a benchmark price to work from.

Image credit : Stuart Miles