The 2014 Toyota Corolla has been nominated for the “Green Car of the year Award. Recently, the Green Car Journal elevated the eleventh generation Toyota sedan as a finalist of the “Green Car of the Year Award” and is also added to the list of top five Green cars of 2014. Though, the Toyota Corolla has been popular around the world for its class leading fuel economy and for its environmentally friendly nature and now when all the big brands are trying to become the top choices in the Green car market the Toyota is once again leading the crowd.

The Senior vice President, Automotive Operations, Toyota Motors Sales USA, Bob Carter said, “The Corolla has been the world’s most popular name plate with over 40 million sold since 1966.  The Corolla’s environmental sensitivity has evolved with the market.  The new 11th generation of Corolla, and the new LE Eco model in particular, offer increased levels of capability and fuel economy.”

2014 Toyota Corolla

It is still a secret that which car will own the crown of the Green Car of the Year because the final name is expected to unveil at the press days of the LA Auto Show from November 20th to 21st 2013.

The spokesman of Toyota John Hanson commented on the 2014 Toyota and said, “Toyota is committed to responding to this challenge as stridently as it has in the past, when met with more demanding and evolving vehicle performance criteria.”