The Toyota GT86 made its debut at the Tokyo Motor show in 2011 and at Geneva motor show the car made its European debut. The UK specs the new Toyota GT86 is a Co-production of Toyota with Subaru BRZ. Many people assumed that the Toyota GT86 is a twin sister of the Subaru BRZ which is a bit true because of many similar cues however, there are minor but powerful and noticeable differences existing between Subaru and Toyota.


According to the chief engineer of the Toyota Mr.Tetsuya Tada-san, they have made some small changes in the settings of the spring and damper. The new Toyota GT86 has a lighter feel during drive, well balanced and is able to give you much accurate. There are no unique and innovative features to discuss about the car but it is obvious that the Toyota GT86 is a complete driver oriented car giving you a perfect feel of a comfortable and refreshing drive.

Let’s have a detailed look at the features and specs of the Toyota GT86.


The exterior of this driver focused Toyota GT86 car is very admiring and it is something make people to stare at. The car is built on an entirely new platform and the mechanical components of the Toyota GT86 are surrounded by highly aerodynamic, strong and stretched body shell keeping it safe from the dirt and damage. The Toyota GT86 has a length, width and height of 4,240mm, 2,570mm and 1,285mm respectively making it the compact and sophisticated 4-seater sports car in its class. The Toyota GT86 is the first model offering the lowest center of gravity that is just 475mm among all the available latest Toyota models. The 17 inch wheels of the car are making the ride more comfortable and smooth.


Like the exterior of the Toyota GT86, the interior of the car is also as sporty as it is expected. There you will find a flat bottomed steering wheel with unique red stitching with buckskin finishing, navigation system, digital readouts, aluminium pedals, gray instrument panel, black roof lining and a large tachometer. All these things are combinely adding fun to the ride and giving you a feel of latest sporty car.

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Engine and Performance

The Toyota GT86 is equipped with a 2.0 liter four cylinder horizontally opposed engine with a combination of port injection nd direct injection with separate twin injectors. The two injectors technology is called D-4S technology bossting up the performance of the engine without disturbing the fuel efficiency of the car. The Toyota GT86 is able to deliver a 200 horsepower at 7000RPM and 151 lb ft torque at 6600RPM while with the same engine the Subaru promised a 300 horsepower for their BRZ model. The engine pushes the car from 0 to 60mph in just 7 seconds. The engine of the Toyota GT86 is mated with a six speed manual transmission or a six speed automatic transmission box. Performance wise, the car is really inspiring and the brakes of the Toyota GT86 are really effective.


The car is available in the market between a range of $20,000 to $25,000.


The perfect rivals for the Toyota GT86 are Porsche Cayman R, Lotus Evora S, Mercedez Benz C-63 AMG and BMW M3. The biggest rival for the Toyota GT86 will be the Subaru BRZ because the company claimed that the car will be able to produce more horsepower and will feature more impressive features.


  • Smart style.
  • Driver oriented cabin and cockpit.
  • Low center gravity.


  • Took too long to make its debut.
  • With the same engine, the Subaru version will be more powerful.